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How is my package shipped?

  • FedEx ground, FedEx Home, FedEx International. You will receive a tracking number to the PayPal accountee address upon shipment.


How do I submit a custom PayPal payment?

  1. Go to www.paypal.com and login using your account info
  2. Go to the send money tab
  3. Enter the payment details
    - endurance@endurance-rc.com as the recipient
    - amount
    - goods
  4. Press the send button


I want to connect X with Y using your software and hardware? What items do I need to do this?

Interaction diagram. Click to enlarge.


How much power will my application require?

  • High torque servos can draw quite a bit of amperage from a system especially if the servos are stalled. The best way to determine power requirements is to insert an ammeter in with the circuit. Measure the current draw at full loads to dtermine the max power requirements.


Do your products work with Windows 7?

  • All Endurance R/C products are tested and working with Windows 7.


Is there any sequencing software available?

  • Brookshire software's VSA application is the best available. The PCTx and the 25 Servo Controller are both compatable.


Is ServoCommander required?

  • No. Source code, Brookshire VSA and RoboRealm are all available for controlling your projects.


What version of Visual Studio are your projects in?

  • Projects are built in Visual Studio 2003, 2005, and 2008. All source files are included.


How c an I use a flight stick and rudder controller to fly an R/C helicopter?

  • The ServoCommander software and the PCTx combined with a few minutes setup will help to accomplish this with most off the shelf R/C helicopter units.


Can the PCTx log the stick positions of an R/C transmitter?

  • No the PCTx can only send values to an R/C transmitter.


Does the PCTx come with all of the trainer cord plug types?

  • The PCTx comes with one plug standard. Adapters can be purchased at $9.99 each. If you don't mind soldering you can purchase plugs for $3.99 each.


Can I use a 12 channel transmitter with the PCTx or does it have to be exactly 9?

  • The PCTx will only generate up to 9 channels even if the receiver/transmitter can support more.


Can I use a PCM transmitter/receiver with the PCTx?

  • PCM indicates a transmission protocol not trainer port input. The trainer port accepts a PPM protocol.


Can I run two or more PCTx's on the same PC?

  • It is possible to use multiple PCTx units on one PC. See the development section for an example project using four units.


Can you take over only specific channels when using the PCTx?

  • The PCTx will write all nine channels to a radio. Only radios that have a trainer port channel blocking feature will do this. This is not usually not common on lower end radio systems.


What is the lead time for obtaining the PCTx interface?

  • Orders usually ship the next day and usually arrive in 3 days.


How much delay does the PCTx add?

  • The PCTx updates at 50Hz or every 20ms. There is about a 20ms delay to each update.


Can you recommend a good radio for use with the PCTx?

  • Tower Hobbies, (re branded Futaba) 4 channel TX
  • Futaba 8UHP and 8UHP Super
  • JR x-347
  • Futaba Conquest FP-T6NFK
  • Futaba 9CAP
  • Futaba T4YF
  • Vex transmitter
  • Hitec 7
  • Hitec Eclipse 7
  • Hitec Prism 7
  • Spektrum DX7
  • Hitec Laser 4
  • JR XP662 (JR Max66 in Australia)
  • RoyalEvo 9 (Multiplex) Please note that this radio requires additional modification. Details are posted in the tutorials section.
  • Spektrum DX6 (DX6 needs trainer button be pressed down all the time when PCTx is used)
  • JR SPORT S400 (also works with the extended channel hack)

Are there any radios not compatible with the PCTx?

  • The Futaba 6EX is not compatible.

What does 256/1024 steps mean?
What does .5-2.5/1-2ms pulses mean?

  • The number of steps indicates a degree of resolution. What this means is that a 1024 step device has about four times the precision as a 256 step device. Keep in mind though that while more resolution seems the obvious choice many radios might not be able to support it.
  • .5-2.5/1-2ms indicates the time a pulse occurs in. What this usually means is a longer range of motion in a servo for example. Some servos or other output devices may not be suitable for .5-2.5ms pulse widths.

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