How to build a trainer cable


The following guide will instruct you on how to assemble a low cost trainer cable from scratch. Some cables require extra circuitry to operate. Click here for more info on building the extra circuitry.

  1. Since some transmitters have separate pins for the input and output PPM stream it is important to choose which end is to be the input and output before assembly. Click here for pin assignments.
  2. Once the proper connections are chosen, carefully strip the insulation from the wire. Strip both the outer insulation and then the individual wires. Only 2 wires are needed for a direct connect trainer cable so you may trim the other wires as needed.
  3. Once you the wire exposed lightly tint the ends with solder. Tint the solder points on the plugs as well.
  4. Before soldering the wire to the plugs make sure to slip the plug cover over the wire.
  5. Solder the plugs to the wire and replace plug insulation.
  6. If you have a multi meter handy use it to measure the resistance in each wired pin on the plug. This step can be omitted but its a good idea to check that the cable is working correctly before use.
  7. Attach the cable ends to your transmitters and enable the trainer on the master transmitter. Refer to your transmitters owners manual for any special setup your transmitter may need.

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